Get In Shape / Stay Fit

When you build your body to be fit and keep it that way- you are opening the door to your whole being becoming stronger. Your ability to cope with stress and fight illness will increase over time. Being fit and staying in shape is more than just exercise. It’s a lifestyle of eating to fuel your body the right way, and including movement to get your blood flowing, muscles working, and stimulate your mind.

Exercise has all kinds of health benefits. Participating in regular physical activities helps not only our bodies but also provides mental and social benefits. Before beginning any new exercise or fitness regime, consult with your doctor or primary care provider to make sure the activity is safe for you.

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According to the American Heart Association…

You don’t have to be a gym hero to get enough physical activity to improve your health. There are a lot of ways to make regular activity part of your life – which can help you have more energy, handle stress better, reduce your risk of illness and disease, and look and feel good!

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