Introducing SULLIVAN CLUB 180

While it is sometimes daunting to consider Sullivan County’s poor performance in the County Health Rankings, we know that the health of the county will not turn around just by the work of one institution or one initiative and that it is a long term process. The ranking reflects, in part, the overall health of thousands of individuals throughout the County. We know that improving our health ranking will require changes in our health behaviors. Some of the basic components of living healthier are; a healthy diet, exercise, managing stress and also supportive social connections. Through the Sullivan Club 180 campaign, we are offering an easy way for everyone to participate in turning our health around. We are encouraging you to take charge of your own health and promote healthy living in your community by joining or creating a Sullivan Club 180 healthy living group. We want you to get together with friends, neighbors, and colleagues to incorporate healthy living into your routines while building community and strengthening social networks. Each group that is a member of Sullivan Club 180 will identify its own healthy living activity such as forming neighborhood walking groups, meeting to share healthy meals and recipes, or starting a yoga class.

We encourage existing groups like book clubs, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, PTAs or Neighborhood Watch Groups to join the campaign. We also want you to organize your own group to join Sullivan Club 180, maybe a group of neighbors on your street or colleagues at work or friends from church. We think adopting healthier habits will be more successful and more fun if you do it with a group of friends, neighbors or colleagues. Sullivan 180 will provide support and coordination. We’ll also track and promote everyone’s achievements and progress so we can celebrate the gains we’re making. We hope that Sullivan Club 180s will act as a way to encourage everyone to do their part in making Sullivan County a healthier place to live, play, work and raise a family.

If you would like to lead a Sullivan Club 180, get in touch by completing the form below or contacting us at  You can also  reach out to our Director of Health and Wellness, Meaghan Mullally-Gorr, by phone at (845) 295-2680.


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How can YOU get involved?

  • Are you a champion of good health practices?
  • Would you like to create your own Sullivan Club 180 group with your friends, neighbors and existing groups? (i.e. walking, hiking, bicycling, skiing, golfing, tennis, quilting club, book club, knitting club, dinner club, weight management, diabetes support, healthy recipes, food nutrition, etc.)
  • Are you part of an existing group that fosters a healthy lifestyle?
  • Let us know what your club is doing to promote healthy living. We will chart your progress towards good health and share the impact of all of our efforts.
  • Join Sullivan Club 180 today! Let’s work together to turn our health around.


P.O. Box 311
Liberty, NY 12754